Innovative in Mold Design You are where excellence meets.

In our mold design process, raw materials, wall thickness, machine park, etc. We aim to provide a complete, long-lasting and high-performance mold that is suitable for mold manufacturing techniques, taking into account the factors. Mold design is a key step that forms the basis of production. This stage; should be considered in terms of sensitivity, functionality and efficiency. As Macro Design & Consultancy, we serve you with a team specialized in mold design. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we are here to make your plastic product dreams come true.

Kalıp tasarımı, bir ürünün temelini oluşturan kilit bir adımdır. Bu aşama, estetik, fonksiyonellik ve üretilebilirlik açılarından düşünülmelidir. İşte bu noktada, Macro Design & Consultancy olarak devreye giriyoruz.

Advantages of Working with Us

1. Innovative Approach:

We prioritize sustainability in every project. Combining efficiency and function, we carefully prepare your mold designs.

2. Design Integrated with Technology:

Using the latest design technologies, we carry out mold design studies in accordance with your production plans.

4. Quality Oriented Production:

By working in accordance with quality standards in the process from mold design to production, we minimize your costs and maximize customer satisfaction.

Examples from Our Projects

Contact us to create the best mold design for you and take your projects one step forward. Macro Design & Consultancy is here for professional support in mold design.